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Edward T. Babinski Speeches

Speech #1
Ed Babinski February 1990 on Flat Earth Creationism
Filmed February 17, 1990 Ed Babinski speaks to an audience on Flat Earth Creationism.
This first speech, on the Biblical shape of the earth, was delivered before a group in Columbia, South Carolina, the "South Carolina Academy of Religion," that meets once a year, an informal group of religion professors, educators, and ministers.

Speech #2
The second speech was on the Biblical age of the earth and evolution, delivered before the Greenville, Secular Humanists of Greenville, S.C. This speech addresses the basics of the Creation-Evolution controversy, including a variety of discussion on Human-Chimp chromosomes and Pseudogenes, Geology and fossils.

Download Challenge to Kent Hovind by Edward T. Babinski.
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Zip file includes "http://www.edwardtbabinski.us/videos/babinski-hovind.wmv"
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Duration: 2 Minutes, 32 Seconds
Challenging Kent Hovind to explain fossils in the geological record and similarities between human and chimp chromosomes, including Pseudogenes.

Download Interview on Hellbound Allee
hellbound.zip contains "http://www.edwardtbabinski.us/videos/hellbound.mp3"
(Edited from the original hour long broadcast)
Size: 4.86 megabyte
Duration: 42 minutes 28 seconds
Original broadcast date: March 12, 2005

babinski_01_1990.flv 52,998 k
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Duration: 28 Minutes 36 Seconds

babinski_02_1996.flv 59,763 k
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Duration: 32 Minutes 28 Seconds
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