Edward T. Babinski Speeches

Speech #1

Filmed February 17, 1990 Ed Babinski speaks to an audience on Flat Earth Creationism.
This first speech, on the Biblical shape of the earth, was delivered before a group in Columbia, South Carolina, the “South Carolina Academy of Religion,” that meets once a year, an informal group of religion professors, educators, and ministers.

Edward Babinski

Speech #2

The second speech was on the Biblical age of the earth and evolution, delivered before the Greenville, Secular Humanists of Greenville, S.C. This speech addresses the basics of the Creation-Evolution controversy, including a variety of discussion on Human-Chimp chromosomes and Pseudogenes, Geology and fossils.

Download Challenge to Kent Hovind by Edward T. Babinski.
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Challenging Kent Hovind to explain fossils in the geological record and similarities between human and chimp chromosomes, including Pseudogenes.

Hellbound Allee

Download Interview on Hellbound Allee
hellbound.zip contains "https://edwardtbabinski.us/videos/hellbound.mp3"
(Edited from the original hour long broadcast)
Size: 4.86 megabyte
Duration: 42 minutes 28 seconds
Original broadcast date: March 12, 2005

babinski_01_1990.flv 52,998 k
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Duration: 32 Minutes 28 Seconds

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